Month: March 2013

All Buzzed up – first podcast

Well today I will be on my first podcast – never done this before. Looking forward to 3:00 PM EST



I posted a photo for hot tea and honey…and now what…a man from New Zeeland wants to interview me on a podcast. Wow this beekeeping thing is a truly global effort. Later today Google + hangout.

Portland Bee log

The city of Portland Michigan called with bees in a tree and wanted to know if I was interested in them. Well, I was able to make it to see them cutting the log into about a 4′ section so we could load it on my truck.

Bee log Portland MI - March 8 2013
Bee log Portland MI – March 8 2013














Now ready to wait for warmer weather to cut them out.

A few days earlier they called and I picked up this one.

Bee log March 4, 2013
Bee log March 4, 2013